Built between 1667 and 1694, this 360-km network of navigable waterways linking the Mediterranean and the Atlantic through 328 structures (locks, aqueducts, bridges, tunnels, etc.) is one of the most remarkable feats of civil engineering in modern times.

A work of art

The Canal du Midi is one of the greatest engineering achievements of the modern age, providing the model for the flowering of technology that led directly to the Industrial Revolution and the modern technological age. It constitutes not only a real technical achievement but also a work of art, given that the canal’s creators were able to incorporate the structure into the very varied landscapes through which it runs.

One of the notable things about this portion of the canal is that, being slightly elevated, there is a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.  The Canigou peak in the Pyrenees, to the S.West and nearer, to the North, the Caroux hills, are visible on a clear day.

Boats can be rented on the canal for a weekend, for a mini-week or a whole week all year round for an unforgettable holiday.  For first-time sailors, this lock-free stretch provides you with plenty of time to get used to handling the boat before you reach a lock!